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   Many years ago, more than I'd like to say, I was introduced to a band that would forever change my life. I struggled with my own difficulties as a youth, but thankfully didn't drown in my misery. Many know the name Linkin Park as a love for their music, but I remember them as something more. They were an inspiration to me, as they started from the bottom and worked their way up without the normal gimmicky tricks at the time, and although they had more than their fair share of hardships, they will remain in my heart as one of the most inspirational motivators in my life.
   The lyrics they sang, were more than just words. The lyrics of many songs were messages they felt deep down. As a result of their hard work and willingness to experiment with their playing styles, they gave us so much more than the average band. They freed us from the shackles holding us spiritually, and uplifted us emotionally in a way, I can barely describe. It was a terrible shock, when Chester Bennington took his own life, but not as surprising factor to consider. Chester, though wasn't the only member of band, and the others as far as I'm aware or still alive and struggling with their past memories shackling them from their freedom. To this day, I cannot think of anyone who lifted me out of my darkness and showed me the possibility of earning my own position in this society.

   Thank you, to all members of Linkin Park from an ever-loving fan.


  • Feb 17, 2020

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