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The stringy ocean helps the people 
By s
haring it's water!! 
Likewise, my family is to leg up others!!! 

Am I narrating about my parents? 
Relatives? Friends? 
The bang of MAATRAM

As the pillars hold off the cupola ,
My sisters and brothers are the pillars!
The place where I found these are within  the  brood;

I found the vast count of pearls!! 
My Anna,not by blood but by heart
Is the rare gift of my family!! 

Without my anna the shrine of education has not been possible!! 

The value known education cannot be provided easily to everyone! 
We are the gifts from GOD!! 
Formation of such a hefty and angelic family  undergoes a stalwart process!! 

Every year  reunion befall , where we, the whole FAMILY will be HAPPY! 
Mother won't leave you after birth;
Likewise my anna and akka will never leave us!! 

Will the computer work without compiler?
Nah!! Compiler plays a major role of converting a low level to high level language; As same my ANNA converts a median student to a intellectual student;

Such a inspiration  is my  SUJITH Anna;
The big wall of MAATRAM family is built by core band!! 

Not only education ,money we got, 
But the real relationship, happiness that are priceless!!! 

We, the members of our family are United by a name called MAATRAM!! 

             "If I can why can't you? "    

                          _#Maatrathin MAATRAM



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