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Once on a Thanksgiving day, we all friends were having a feast on a beachside. I wore a long red-colored dress with high heels and tied my long hairs with a ribbon. The different kinds of delicious foods were cooked on barbeque, one of them was spicy turkey. All of my friends ate happily and we enjoyed the dinner, soft drinks, and some chitchat. That night, we went to our homes in a happy mood. There was a beautiful way to reach my castle. I used to board on a ship to cross the small ocean in front of the castle. I listened the river breezes and enjoyed the moonlight in that little 5 minutes journey in the ship. After reaching my home and lying on my soft pillow, I slept with the sweetest dreams of my life. 😇


  • Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    make a book out of this

    Feb 15, 2020

  • I agree, definitely make a book out of it

    Feb 22, 2020

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