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As far as I can remember I have always been close to my grandmother, Nana is used to call her . As she was the one who schooled me , taught me my first alphabets. We used to enjoy each other's company and she often told me stories. She was very close to me.

But everything changed after she passed away. My parents knew that her death took a huge toll on me. So they decided to shift from our grandparents house to the city. We settled down and began our new lives and eventually the pain of losing my Nana eased. I completed my studies and graduated and even got a job. Everything was fine until that night...

It was 15th October I was going home from work. It was late and wasn't able to get any cab or bus. So I decided to walk back home. While I was walking I woman was following me she looked old. I thought she needed some help so I stopped to ask her. "Can I help you ?" I asked her. She didn't say anything but handed me a piece of paper. On which following words were written -
"I have kept you safe ... But he is coming ... Don't trust him". 
I looked at her to ask what it was supposed to mean but when I looked up she was no where to be seen. 

And that night, that note somehow reminded me of my Nana. After sometime I reached home and went straight to bed but I wasn't able to sleep as those words kept me awake. 

"I have kept you safe... But he is coming ... Don't trust him"
Who was him? And why is he coming for me ? There were many questions I needed answers of, so I decided to ask my parents first thing in the morning.
Tomorrow I woke up a little late as it was weekend. While I was drinking my coffee I remembered last night's events, the note that lady gave to me. I immediately looked for the paper and called my mother to know if she knew anything about it.

On hearing this my mother started crying and when I asked her what was all this about. She told me come and meet her at Nana's house. It was a bit difficult for me to arrange that as I was living in a different country and was not possible for me to just leave everything and go. But  her voice was full of fear so I agreed. But she told me that I must not travel during night and keep away from the bridges if I am alone.

So I booked the next flight home and went back to Nana's house. It felt so good to be back  in that neighborhood but something was off I noticed that all the people were avoiding me.

It was almost dusk so I  started heeding towards Nana's. As I was walking I noticed that the ambience grew more silent and foggy. I thought it was normal at this time of the year. But the fog was growing denser and denser, it was difficult to see at some distance I saw light of lantern as it was appraoching me. It was man dressed in suit carrying that lantern. He asked me my name and that if I was in need of some assistance. "Nicholas . Nicholas Ignisson" I replied . He seemed to be interested in knowing more about me. But I told him I have someone waiting for me. "Then you better get going, boy"
He replied . And walked away and with him gone the fog started to clear out .
As it cleared I noticed I was standing on a bridge all alone. I immediately remembered my mother's instructions and sprinted to it's other end. When I made it there I saw that one of lamp posts of the bridge had fallen directly at the same point I was standing with that stranger.

I ran back to Nana's house and saw my mother waiting for me while pacing in the porch. Before we could exchange hello she dragged me into the house as if there was some beast lurking outside. She told me to freshen up and come for dinner and told me that after dinner she would tell him the truth.


  • this is soooo good💜💜♥️♥️💜💜♥️♥️💜💜♥️♥️

    Feb 15, 2020

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