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When a haunting growl climbs up your spine.
The stars and there planet began to align.
That voice in your head says its time to begin.
Words. come bubbling out of your skin.
Your darkest emotion makes you a slave.
That is when the lunatics rave.

Creeping and crawling like worms in. your brain.
Talk all you want about how you've stayed sane. 
The question still smolder, no answers tonight.
As you are watching the fire ignite.

Rockets now shooting and hitting the ground.
The static now making a turbulous  sound.
You suffocate while you are drowning in air.
You look and you dont see anyone there.

Now your the hunted its your dying breed.
You its your fault cause you planted the seed.
Cant conjure emotions they will not behave.
You cant do nothing when lunatics rave.
charlotte 2020

Sorry Jared.. You loved this app. You loved the people. Remember that you did change many lifes. For that I am forever in debt. If you ever need anything. I got your back.
Much respect Charlotte
Valentines 2020


  • Thank you Charlotte. We will still be around until the end of the year. I hope you will still write on the app until then.

    Feb 15, 2020

  • Feb 15, 2020

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