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No one has lived there for over 3,000 years.it was very noisy.the frontroom is where he women hang out chatted gossip. the men would retire in the evening.they hade rock hardo sofas.up a little staple and then into this area which is quite a considerblend size for a room.they had  a table and a bowl for a bathroom

They ate things like onine cucumbers peas letece and radeshs.they mostly ate bread.they would alook eat fish.poor a people would get more fish then meat.they hade dates and pomaganet.  

Life rottine
Theye would were a kilt saddles and black eye mackuprotection.they had to walk. They don't have eney clowds. They didn't have cars like we do know so they had to use bouts.they were not alowd to be late for work.Pharous ate chicken letece and meat and fish.


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