The Sniper Read Count : 15

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
I feel my breathing getting heavier, the air was thin, and I was carrying many bags. I finally make it too my location, just 10 minutes later then they wanted, but 15 minutes before the raid. We were making our final push, trying too finally round up everyone too take the bunkers. I began setting up camp, the goal was for me to assassinate a general in a near by bunker, of ue came out I would snipe, but I wouldn't snipe other troops. I was around 2 miles away from the bunkers, but if we have a massive push, I may need too run in the fields too get a better chance of killing him. 

Quickly the troops begin charging the lines, immaculately my target ran too a turret, I zoomed in on his face, taking a deep breathe, I fire. He falls too the floor, I now must join the fight, and run in the fields. Men run from the bunkers, and jump in the trenches, I begin shooting them before they enter, only killing 2 men. "Stay in your position, we have the horse." My walkie-talkie says. The horse is a code name for a machine, made like a tank, very lightweight, is made for quick hard attacks. I wait for the engines noisy engine, while we wait troopers make attempts too take the machineguns so the horse doesn't get showered. Most men prepare for there speed attack, once the horse scares the troops out of there positions men were to take the trench, while they fought the horse. I was too snipe the machinegunner, and run in. 

Soon the air is black with smog, it seems like they could kill us with the gas, it engine sounds like the heaviest tank. The bullets shower the trench, the machinegun kept jerking back as it fired. A man stepped out off a bunker, he aimed a pistol at the driver, the machinegun couldn't hit him because of how bumpy the ground was. I quick snipe him before he shoots, his body hits the ground, and is cut in thirds because of the horse.

As the horse ran-over the trenches, pushing dirt into the trenches, but covering it. I got up, and began running towards the trenches, but I was slipping down the hill as I ran. I finally reached the flatter ground, my boots never getting traction. It took me 15 minutes just too reach the field, which was as icy. The field was covered with snow, running past the bunkers I make it too the trench, I stumbled as the gunfire hit me.


  • Feb 15, 2020

  • Feb 16, 2020

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