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Valentine's Day…The worst day in my entire life.Everyone just keeps on acting like they found the meaning of everything,and that they show it to me.Sometimes I just wish god would remove me out of existence,just to spare me from all this freaking suffering.

I picked up my bag and headed towards Katy."Katy,let's get going,I'm losing my mind in this nightmare."Katy,my trusty back up,and my personal best friend,got up from her seat,and spoke to me with a rather sad voice,"I…I… needed to talk."To be honest,I never seen this side of her,so I got nervous."Is this about your girlfriend?I mean if you need help with the chocola-"She stopped me from continuing,"I…I broke up…with her."

At that moment,I really didn't know what to do,or what to feel."Hold on,you two broke up…before Valentine's Day?"She looked at me,"Yeah,I told her I was never really interested in her,I just thought she was nice…"I was quite shocked,after all,Valentine's Day was tomorrow,and leaving her alone is a bad idea,especially because she broke up.Who knows what she could possibly do when she looks at a whole street full of couples.I knew I need to do something,otherwise bad things might happen…really bad things.

"Hey,do you wanna like…hang out tomorrow or something?"I looked at Katy,being awkward as hell.She looked at me and asked,"Why?I thought you prefer spending Valentine's Day with chips and Bottles of Soda."I couldn't deny,since that was my original plan,but for Katy,this time,I'm willing to make some changes."Well,I mean you might get bored since…you know,she left before Valentine's Day,so…"Katy stopped for a second or two,and then turned towards me,"…Sure,Rachel."She suddenly replied so fast,I didn't even prepared for that."I guess I'll look foward to tomorrow's date."She joked about it,and walks towards the exit.

When I returned home,I did some quick researches on where should we go on our date-I meant…trip.I was suppose to cheer her up."She prefered this…she prefered that…"I already forgot exactly how many times I had repeated that.It was kinda strange and unreal for me,since I never actually made real plans for Valentine's Day.I checked over and over again,just to make sure I didn't screw up anything.Before I know it,it was already midnight."Tomorrow has to be perfect."I gave myself one last boost before going to sleep.

"So you chose to take me to the park at the end?"Katy looked at me in her coat."Well,you do like flowers way more than rollor coasters,and I don't wanna give you a heart attack on our date-I mean trip…trip."She laughed,"Well,good to know that you know way more about me than my ex-girlfriend."I mean,I'm her best friend,I should know about her,the music we listen together,the desert she always order at the place we always have lunch together,and those little habits about her…As her best friend I should know that,shouldn't I?

We took a walk nearby the lake in the centre of the park,when suddenly,I saw a few familier faces."Rachel,isn't that Toby and Samantha right there?"I paniced a little bit:Seeing them usually is fine,but this timing is not good.They walked closer to us,and Toby smiled,"Haha,I see you made a move,nice one,Rachel."I replied quickly,as I paniced,"W-What move?We are just going out as friends,it's not what you think.In fact,it was way more different."Samantha chukled,"Oh really?I guess I can't argue with that.Have fun!"She took Toby and walked away."Geez…they are too imaginative…"Katy tapped my shoulder,"Come on,they were just joking around."I knew they were joking,but I just can't stand it.We are just friends.

When we made it to the other side of the lake we saw an ice-cream truck."Haven't seen one of these in a while…maybe I need to get out more…"Katy laughed,"Yes,yes you do.Now,you interested in getting some ice-cream?"When we got to the counter,the staff smiled in a way that made me want to punch him right in the face and said,"What can I get for you lovebirds today?"My brain stopped working for a few seconds,and I was not amused."We are not dating!!!"I shouted."He was shocked and apologized.When we sat down on a bench nearby,Katy asked me,"Was it really necessary to shout?"I was still mad about it."I just…got kinda tired from being misunderstood,you know?"Katy petted me on the head,"There,there,is it better now?"I was less angry at that moment."…maybe."Then I asked her something kinda inappropriate,"To be honest,how did you broke up with her?"Katy turned her head."Hmm?I told her I wasn't interested in girls."…why did I felt kinda sad knowing her answer?

After we finished the ice-cream,we spotted a small store selling plushes.Katy ran in there and I followed her.When I entered the store,she held one and looked at me,"Can I have this one…?"After all,I'm suppose to be making her happy today."Sure,it'll be my gift for you."When we left the store,I asked her."So…why did you want this one?"Katy held it up,"Well it looks it knows me well,it seems to be acting like it will protect me,it has short hairs I like,and also looks like a sweet person…just like someone I know."I laughed for a few seconds,and then I stopped.I looked a little closer to the plushie.Short hair,knowing her a lot,protecting her,and always being a sweet-talker next to her…isn't that me she was describing?"No,no way,she said she wasn't interested in girls,right…?"I got nervous while thinking that,but I tried my best to not show it."Wait,Rachel,I almost forgot.I have something for you as well."

We sat down on the bench within the park again,when Katy took out a box of Chocolate."I made them for her…before we broke up.I hope you still like it."I smiled,"Well,maybe you should try it first,and then tell me if it is good or bad."Katy laughed,and put a piece of chocolate into her mouth."Hmm…I think you should try it yourself and find out that way."When I was about to take one,she stopped me from reaching them."Wait,close you eyes,I want to give you a surprise."I closed my eyes,but before I did,I took a sneak peek of her chocolates,which has 'K♡R' written on them,and started wandering,"Wait,isn't her ex-girlfriend called Diana…?"

As I closed my eyes,I felt the sweet milk chocolate on my lips,and…something was pressing againist my lips.I opened my eyes,and saw Katy closing her eyes,with her lips touching mine.

Before I noticed,I was already caught in this sweet and bitter 'Chocolate Trap'…but I can't say I hate it.


  • Feb 15, 2020

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