We Are Imperfect, Love Isn't. Read Count : 36

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Love is beautiful 
Love is not foolish
Love has eyes that can see very clearly
Love will never watch you pass the path of death
Love is radiant 
Ever loving to behold
Love does not deceive 
So does the beholder
Love is ever compassionate
Love is imperfect 
But can only be made perfect in God. 
Love is void without God 
Just as life is void without breath.
Love without God is equal to lust
Lust brings about deception
It makes the beholder foolish
It is selfish and greedy, hence the propensity to cheat
Love helps to tame your mind when it is about to go wild
Love helps settle the mind.
Retrace your steps back to the Creator of love who is Love Himself
Move closer to Him
Let Him show you the right path to tread.
If he/she is meant for you 
You two will always find your way back to each other 
The past is gone 
Focus on the present 
To make the future a great one
Take the bold step
Walk up to him/her
With roses for her or petals for him 
Right there in your hands
Apologise and promise it'll never repeat itself
Hug them, kiss them and make them feel loved
You needn't make noise to welcome them back into your life
Because they never left, all they did was take a break in the first place
They only wanted you to come back to your normal reasoning 
To realise your mistakes and come back to have them 
At first, they feel frightened that you'll never come back for them
Alas, here you are!
Now, more than ever, the love is solidified
For just taking the step of having them back
And being faithful than you were in the past
I welcome your angel back into your life 
With bundle of roses, chocolates and hugs
Love in the air
Everywhere brightened with their smile 
You can now tread the path of life in a triangle 
You, God and them.


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