Imaginary Dreamland Read Count : 50

Category : Diary/Journal

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Once upon a time in my imaginary dreamland, I lived in a beautiful castle made of sand. It had so many rooms and a special room of mine. When I looked at me in the mirror, I looked like a princess. In a long light blue colored gown wearing a garland of flowers on my head. I hadmy favorite dishes on the dining table. I used to have a good health and beauty. I enjoyed the evenings there in a swing made of flowers. With it's beauty and peace, my imaginary dreamland was full of my true friends. There I had so many best friends who were true to me not selfish and two-faced like the people on this World. But where is that dreamland? In my dreams? On a cloud? Or on Mars or Moon? It can be here or there. You can imagine it anywhere. Though I feel it everywhere. Thanks for reading. 🌼


  • good story

    Feb 13, 2020

  • Chloe Tiu

    Chloe Tiu

    Can you make a imaginary dreamland 2 novel.

    Feb 14, 2020

  • Mahekk Baig

    Mahekk Baig


    Feb 15, 2020

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