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     Within the prison of time we slowly fade away into the background of the mind. You're seen but not thought of until all eyes eventually pass right over you. The air is poisoned and the wind screams with individuality. The more individual we become the less we are seen as one. Not even a crack in the sidewalk is noticed, because you never made a big enough impact on the ground you've walked on. Even if you had, it ultimately fades too, before it becomes paved over with something new. 

     Today, it takes more effort for people to notice a crack made in the ground. Energy flows where the attention goes, and all focus it seems, is attached to a world within a screen. A glowing paradise within a tiny device. They splash around in a shark-infested, digital ocean with the illusion that everything's nice. Though in this world nothing is what it is. Believing everything told to them, they think they know how to swim. They don't realize how vulnerable they are, kicking and splashing, drawing more attention to themselves, never quite realizing they're drowning. More and more venture too deep, into the dark never to be found. Dragged by a current, not knowing where's up and where's down. All sight of themselves or who they were, now appears to be forgotten and lost forever. 

     Maybe they'll wake up one day to see the tide has brought them back to shore. Where they will look out towards the endless digital ocean and never want to go back. Together, we will again walk along the sidewalks, that have become littered with blackened screens of the abyss, broken and cracked from a reunited collective impact. 


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