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Chapter 1
I was walking down this cold dark wet ally. Raining thunder it was day but barely any sun. From behind a guy grabbed my hood. I looked back it was the bully at my school David. He's just a jerk. I was wearing my black leather jacket I was 16 at the time. David pulled me back. I just told him to let go. He said make me. I turned around and gave his black hair a lil make over. And I got out of there. Got back home to see if I was bleeding. My jacket no blood. And I had brown blond hair no red. I just stayed quiet. And head to school on the bus in the morning. There was this pretty girl at the back of the bus. Her name is Samantha I had aa crush on her. Her hair was brown. And big brown eyes. I just stared. Until we stopped we where at school. I followed my bff to class Kevin. He was black and had black hair with blonde on the top and a gray tank top on. We where heading to lunch. When I sat down across a few tables David took her mustard and threw it at her. She didn't seem to care she wasn't happy or joyful I could tell through her eyes. I thought ok? On the bus my bff convienced me to tell her. Before we got on the bus I told her. She said oh um.... Sorry I have a boy friend she said real un happy. David came out grabbed her and walked. Off his hand leading to her waist. She was tugging her self away and david just tightned his grip. Before they hopped on David shoved her into a mud puddle David laughed and headed up onto the bus. I helped her up. She gave me a stare I would remember. She got her books and went up. And I sat across from her and david. He grabbed her again and she tried getting away closer to me. He just shoved her back. He shoved her so close to his face. She hated it. And looked back at me and said help in lips. I wandered. And told ma when I got home I was heading to Kevin's. I told Kevin he had my back and told me that well be up there. Kevin stayed at his house. While I went to hers. I looked through her bedroom window. They where on the bed. David said come on and shoved her close to his mouth and forced her into kissing him. She did not want to. And I seen a tear but he didn't care. And he made her arms grabb his neck. Until he was sick of her. And grabbed her hand. And said dont scream or it might break. She wasn't strong enough and could not tell no one. I was so mad I sneaked through the window. She seen me and I said I seen it. She started crying I took her into a hug. He came back I hid under the bed. He said come on now or I'll break you're hand and he pinned her to the bed. And said ur stupid fat and ugly. I couldn't stand this. I got up and said. BACK OFF. He looked shocked and stood up and said get out I hit him in the mouth knocking him out. I took her back to my place where David. Could not hert her. Few years later we where in court and David said u better dis agree. She said no. And David went to jail. We where 17 now. And just had kids and our life was never better.


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    Feb 12, 2020

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