Are You Proud Of Me? Read Count : 17

Category : Diary/Journal

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I can't handle these pressures,
All I can say is this stress hurts.
I just wanna drown now,
To much going on right now,
I wish it would stop but I tried and well we just all die.
I am fucked up but I don't wanna be.
"Pretend there is no tomarrow" they say,
I wish there was no tomarrow..
I wish this shit was not so tempting,
But it's hard when there is so much I can do to fuck me up.
Yea I'm fucked up but I don't wanna be.
Remove the memories,
Removes the pain.
Remove the scars and cuts,
Removes me.
I can't fix this mess I'm making.
I'm hurting, I'm cutting and nobody cares,
Is this what you wanted me to see?
Are you proud of me now?


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