The Train Of Lies Read Count : 45

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Northern England  2:45 in the night.A train is headed to Moscow.
Inside the train.
Octavio:Do you hear that?
Octavio:that is the sound of the pain of all the people I have killed.
Eric:Very impressive,but what do you want from me?
Octavio:A favour.
Eric:What favour?
Octavio:To search this train for the witnesses.I know they are here.
Eric:And what if I don't find them?
Octavio:You won't make it to Moscow.
Eric:Ok.I'll find them.
Eric reaches the next wagon.
There he  finds a man dressed in white enjoying his dinner.
Eric:What's your name?
Peter:Peter Ligrov.
Eric:The Juggler?
Eric:And I assume that you are returning to your hometown.
Peter:(Checks his watch):Yes, I have dinner with my girlfriend  in three days at 8 am.
Eric:Well,you may be an excellent juggler,but you are a terrible liar.
Peter:You wanna know why I lie?
Peter:Have a seat please.
Eric:Okay,tell me .
Peter:It all started three years ago in France.My father was on a hunting trip with his friends.
Boris(Peter's father):Oh,  I see an animal.
Hunter:Kill it! quick!
He shoots but he hears a woman's voice.
They hurry to check the victim.
Boris:I think she is dead,I can't hear her heartbeat.
A man appears in front of them,cold as the snow.
Mysterious man:You killed my daughter.
Hunter:Sorry,we didn't mean to!
Mysterious man:(laughs ironically):Your sorry won't bring my daughter back.I shall kill you.
Mysterious man:So that you will face the wrath of my daughter.And know this:If my daughter asks,tell her that father killed you.
Shoots them with a shotgun three times each.
Mysterious man:They were animals and I killed them like animals.
Peter:And  I was standing right there.I was bearly  15 years old when that happened.
Eric:And who was that man?
Peter:Octavio Lafor.
Eric:So you are a witness?
Peter:Of his murders?
Eric:What else has he done?
Peter:Armed robbery,sold fake identities,and has done about a thousand bribes.In front of him,my father was a hero.
Eric:I don't wanna kill you.
Peter:But if you don't do it,Octavio will kill you.
Eric:Don't worry,I have a plan.
Peter leans forward.
Peter:I'm all ears.
Eric: You and the other witnesses will play dead.
Peter:And then?
Eric:And then I will call him to come see the bodies of the ones I killed with his own eyes,and  then satisfied,he will go back to his V.I.P. wagon and take me with him,to give me the money for the murders.
Eric:And i will kill him.
4:00 o clock in the night.
Eric:Enters Octavio's wagon.
Octavio:(Checking his papers):What is it?
Eric:Sir,it is done.
Octavio:Is that so?
Eric:Yes sir.
Octavio:You are quick though!Well done.
Eric:Come see for yourself if you want.
A bit later.
Octavio:Indeed,they are all dead.
Octavio:Come back to my wagon please,we have to discuss your payment.
In Octavio's wagon.
Octavio:Want some coffee?
Eric:I do.Thank you.
Pours some coffee in their cups and carefully  places them on the table.
Octavio:Now then,about your payment.
Eric:Takes out a shotgun.
Eric:Here is your payment.
Shoots him 6 times.
Eric:Well well well,looks like I'm gonna make it to Moscow after all!






  • Impressive! Interesting read and creative story.

    Feb 11, 2020

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