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   We often believe that names hold a special power with us. That it means something deeper than a representation of who we are on the inside. What does it feel like though, if we go around with the wrong name? What if our name isn't the one that our parent's picked for us at the very beginning? Is it possible, to go through life with the wrong name? When we think of names, we might ask ourselves these questions over and over. Do we like our name? Do we feel like our name defines who we are on the inside? In a way it does, but not the way we think about it.
   Interestingly enough, I came across the story a few years ago and remembered it while I was talking with my mother. This story was about a set of twins, a boy and a girl who went around with what they felt was the wrong name. The two children grew up unhappy, often using different nicknames to hide their real names. They were unhappy with their names, they felt like the names didn't define who they were. As they grew up, and reached their teen years they decided to confront their parents. Their parents were unhappy at first, but they were willing to listen. Later that night, the parents had a private conversation asking each other if they had given their children the wrong names.   
   They finally agreed to let their children pick out their own names, but strangely enough the two children would rather pick out each other's names. They did, and when they picked out each other's names each child was happy. The parents liked the first names the children picked out, and they ended up happier going on to high school and into college. They endured a great pain, of having a misleading identity that they could recognize. The only ones that understood this though, where the twins as they were able to name the true identities of each other. What does this mean? Were they really given the wrong names? The children seemed to feel this way, after suffering a great deal of confusion they finally found their freedom in the name they wanted. Sometimes, the name doesn't define us, but we can define what the name means to us.


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