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(This is a poëm about a teenager who noticed that hes not an easy child and compares his teenaging fazes to a monster that use to be under his bed and in his closet)

Mom it's not in my closet
It moved from under my bed
Into my head
I don't feel the same
I have a sudden craving for pain
So i sit in the dark
Listening to the sad words on my phone 
And read my poëms
I'm the only one who understand 
My confusing word's 
Mum i know it doesn't make sence
But it's all the monster's fault
Ever since the age of thirteen
Now I'm nearly eighteen 
Maybe it'll  be over by nineteen 
I try my best 
To reach for success 
But there's something constantly dragging me down
I'm sorry mom sometimes i seem like a clown
Because of the crazy words i say 
And the way i act
And it's not an opinion 
It's a fact
My monsters not in the closet or under my bed
It moved into my head
And im sorry sometimes I make life so hard
I try to control it 
But it's not workning
But thank you that you're forever loving and caring


  • Feb 12, 2020

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