The Devil Told Me To Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
It was a dark and silent night in hill road.
Five year old Jack had the bloody knife in his tiny hand he was shaking more than ever. Too shaken to talk but he managed to move "jack" his mother Martha paused "what is it son?" She was too calm in a situation like this. Jack pointed his finger directy at his sister whose lifeless body was laying on the floor surounded by blood. He looked at Martha and smiled "you did it my son" she said proudly. Jack then started to laugh as if someone just told a joke his laughter was followed by a more insane one of his mother. Thunder cracked through the air as rain sudenly poured down from the sky...
(You who read this please let me know if you want more)


  • Feb 11, 2020

  • good book

    Feb 12, 2020

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