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For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.
(Isaiah 33:22|KJV)

We serve a sufficient GOD, we serve an all powerful GOD. Our GOD is enough for our situations. Today scroll is calling our enough GOD to make an enough is enough of wicked circumstances. Do you have a situation which you think is an unstoppable problem ? You are reading the right scroll now. You shall be redeemed, happiness and grace is about to be your portion. 
One weapon prophet Isaiah possesses is the expression of trust for GOD alone. He humbles himself by waiting for the LORD, he knows that the LORD is his arm every morning and salvation in the time of trouble [isa33:2] Prophet Isaiah further expressions confirms his heartly confidence, he confirms the LORD as stability of times. Read this. He expresses the fear of the LORD as Zion s treasure, wow! Dear reader, it is this light you are gaining now [john12:36] believe now as you are receiving it. Do not worry about the world manipulated circumstances around you, reject unbelief , do not lose faith. Prophet Isaiah saw the glory of the light, expressed and spoke about JESUS CHRIST [john12:38_ 41] our savior.

As we believe in CHRIST JESUS we also calling looking upon the FATHER [john 12:44_45] 

As we call upon our LORD allow the HOLY SPIRIT to fill you and make this declaration

Priestly declaration

JEHOVAH Hashopet
JEHOVAH Hamelech
JEHOVAH Hoshe`ah
I acknowledge YOU with all my heart
May your light overcome every wicked around me
O LORD save me once again from sin 
May the HOLY SPIRIT teach me to abide by you alone and always
Make me only call depend on your name 
Thank you for your light now 

HE is surely our judge, and HIS WORD is judgement, meditate on this scroll, call upon HIS name in expressive way like prophet Isaiah , be not ashamed of the Gospel, fear HIM and be fearless to the wicked manipulative world HE is waiting to grace you according to your expressiveness
If Apostle Paul could write in prison, if Apostle John could revelate by pen captured by spirit, what can stop me and you to write, we don't need human approval, we need GODs open hand, I will write until HIS hand writes

Holy greetings

Priest Clement

10 February 2020


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    Feb 11, 2020

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