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The greatest thing is to be loved and love more too.
It lift us all up in the air and springs joy to the care.
When its poisoned, it is tainted.
When it is sway by evil, it no longer neutral. 
No longer powerful and not even beauitful.
It is feared. 
Once fear be tampered, the souls of the entity are no longer light. 

Darkness and disturbed shall be its friend.
All i ever remember in the dark is the cold silence that kills off my thoughts. 
The endless hoping that fades to doubt. 
Pure intuit to protect myself. 

Thy body never vows a grace of this being ever again. 
My shell or skin remain the same.
I never changed for anyone again. 

If so , words chant of sweet togetherness and everlasting passion in my soul, i crushed the image despite being bold. 

All i ever imagined was to be loved for ever more.

All i asborb is the many broken pieces people break in me more and more till i  plunge in my despair.

I silently laying anywhere but i am broken all over there.


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