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In middle school, there are so many different groups. It's the Mean Girls. Class Clown the athletes the Nerds the cheerleaders The Music Makers the band players The bully and then there's me the only lonely 6th grade girl. Who only has four friends? Why do I have four friends you ask because I have switched schools. I've come from Carrithers Middle School and switch to frost 6th grade academy. And everything has gone wrong people are so mean that they just never know what you're going through. And it's hard to be the new girl when everyone is trying to bully you and it's very very difficult to make new friends. That's why I only have the four that I have. Other times there's the teachers. In first. I have my math teacher. She's also my homeroom teacher. She's nice, but She yells a lot at kids. For third.. I have my health teacher And that class is calm and nice for fourth. I have choir on that class is very upsetting because there is someone who's a bully to me there, but I tried to stay far away from them. My 5th and 6th. Is my science teacher that class goes great. It's not really too much at all. But once I hit my 7th. It is the worst. We get yelled at we get fussed that we have to listen to these long stories about my language arts teachers. So-called perfect life and it's just hard. As soon as I get on the bus, I hurried to my seat and I sit there quietly waiting for the bus to go to my bus stop as soon as I get off my bus I talk to my friend And we talked about how your day went and it's makes me feel okay when I'm around my friends, but some people are just rude and disrespectful. They never ever listen to what you have to say until you have something that they want Middle School is the hardest thing especially with the eighth-graders and seventh-graders on your bus bullying you it's very hard because you know, They talked how small they They talked about how hard it is to be in the 7th and 8th grade when they think that it's not hard to be in the 6th grade. It's very hard you get bullied most of the time and you rarely get to have fun with your friends every once in awhile. The teachers are so hard on you. You just can't take it anymore. It's like you're going from being the highest grade the leaders of the school when you're in 5th grade. And once you get to 6th grade, you're no longer that leader. You're just a follower who looks and listens and doesn't really do that much. It's very hard to be a 6th grader because you come from being deleted to being the youngin and it's not that fun. They call you a little kid they call you a tween instead of calling a teen And that feels so sad and heartbroken for me cuz it's very hard to be a new kid in the sixth grade at a new school who gets bullied every other day. And there's nobody I want to talk about this too. And that's because they will go for their first kids. And then once you turn into getting a old kid though, believe you when it comes to a new kid. Otherwise, they don't believe you at all. So this is why I hate my school. I hate the kids there only have four friends there. And those other four people live don't hate on my first day. I had got bullied by a girl who popped me in the back of my head. So I almost fault I bought two boys at this new school and at my old school. I never got into any  And even though you may be the new girl or the new boy there, you still have a part and a say-so and things just because they're older than you. They're just the old kids of the school just because they're the same age as you that still makes them older than you because you're the new kid, but just don't let them get to you. And it's hard. I know it but you will get through it.


  • Feb 15, 2020

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