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Honestly, I've been going through some serious mental health issues and physical health issues. They deter me from writing most days, but that doesn't mean my lack of posting here means I haven't posted anywhere.

I've actually spent the last few months writing a book/learning how to write a book. I've normally written for myself and shared what I wanted. Just now, when I was looking through my past writings, Writer's Outlet is where I've shared a lot more than any other place.

I know I have only written 21 pieces (22 if you include this one) but I used to share nothing at all in fear people would shun me or some silly thought like that. The book I'm writing is important to me though so I needed to take the necessary time off for that. WIth that being said, I plan to make writing on W.O. more frequent to make sure I keep writing everyday. So, here's to mental practices that will lead to success.


  • Feb 11, 2020

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