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Which App to use?

My problem with writing these days is over selecting which app to use or which app is the most suited for my use. Apparently no single app is the same. 

There are so many varieties nearly all have speciality thus difficult to stay put.Over  the last couple of months I have tested no less than ten nearly all were free or at least for a few months trial free.

My strategy is to pick apps which are free this is because my work would not go beyond what I normally do. At my level there are still many items under utilized.

Being basic, iam looking for something easy and friendly to  use- downloading and uploading, access to dictionary, easy to share with social media and etc. Because nearly all apps provide these facilities that doesn’t make choice easier

From ten apps I reduced to four, this Writer's Outlet is one of the four, ts quite handy but doesn't sync properly between notebook and mini tablets. Uploading and downloading are not smoothed ~v


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