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     Don’t let the shutdown of this medium be the shutdown of your writing. If you use the act (Art) of writing as means of expression, a podium, an escape, or an outlet for your emotions, thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc.—you are a writer. Don’t ever question it and never allow anyone tell you otherwise. If you hear it from your parents, then I’m truly sorry for that—not having parental support is a huge delimitation to your creative growth unless you become—what I believe to be a significant part of what makes one an adult—aware that your parents don’t know shit. 

     I read somewhere, and truly believe, that there exists an urge to write within every human being. This is what is true within “My” reality (more on this later), and yet, there are many deniers of this: Those in denial are either illiterate, never having the opportunity, that is taken for granted nowadays of learning to read and write, or don’t know who they truly are, as a result of insecurities and/or other deceitful distractions. 

     Every writer should be well-accustomed, and equally annoyed, with the saying, “Write what you know.” Sure, it is good advice when starting out and when stuck within the mind-manifested illusion known as “writer’s block,” but I see it more as an impediment to one’s own creativity and way of attaining perspective. One of the greatest ways to gain knowledge is putting yourself in others’ shoes; to study of that which you fear, oppose, or understand. It’s viewing the world from another’s perspective. 

     Each of us may be human beings with many similarities, but within each of us, lies a universe completely different and unique from one another. Everyone has their own way of seeing and understanding the world around them. This is a system that reconciles all existing schools of philosophy. 

     That is the reason why many people read—to learn what life is like for another person, either to gain knowledge, perspective, or as an escape from a world that is gradually quieting people like you and I. 

     Do not be obliged to be “politically correct,” by withholding your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions for fear of offending someone. If people are offended, that is all on them; you didn’t make them feel that way, they did. Don’t ever be afraid to think or write freely. It is your right as a human being. Those opposed to this, who push totalitarian concepts such as political-correctness, are either incompetent and unaware of what they’re preaching, or are in favor of an Orwellian-Brave New World future. 

     This is a future that’s becoming more inevitable with the release of every new “smart” device, WiFi increase, and rise in security. It’s already becoming nearly impossible for the artists of the day to make a living doing what they love—unless they sell their souls to the misogynistic, evil-incarnates of Hollywood, or the pedophilic, sex-crazed World of Disney. 

     Write your truth. Write your story. Pay no mind to labels that consider your world a work of fiction. Write the world as you see it, and never let anything or anyone limit you or tell you to quit. 

     Write your Reality. And never let anyone stop you. 


  • This is a great motivational piece of writing indeed! Perhaps we hear speeches and motivaional videos too much of the time but we can only be motivated by it if he understand it and not see it as just another speech.

    Feb 10, 2020

  • Beautifully put. Jay, when the plug is pulled at the end of it all, you are going to be one writer I'm going to miss the most because as you are clearly aware, I have always enjoyed your work. I've talked to you about it before and i meant every word i said. Keep on keeping on, Jay and continue to shine as the bright star you are. Much love & respect, Zee 💜

    Feb 10, 2020

  • Thank you for the encouragement. Seriously well done. 🙏👍

    Feb 10, 2020

  • Feb 10, 2020

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Your words define this great app🦋They will live on -rememberd as a guide to all who live to write🦋in-spite of the unfortunate ending of WO- we carry the experience with us with gratitude for the people we’ve met and the work that you and your staff has done 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Feb 24, 2020

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