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Listen, and Listen Close Slim. It is a proud invitation to serve your US Military. You won't need to send an acceptance letter,  you've autographed and dated our RSVP. You won't need a tuxedo, the suit we give you will decorate and protect you for your entire tour. Trust me when I say you won't need to worry about looking your best, you will be freshly shaven. You won't need worry about tomorrow either. You'll be able to protect it today.) And look damn good doing it. Hoorah! 
P.S. thats a freebie. Stand tall soilder.
Lifestyles, and mindsets. Skills and advantages. Strength and training. Practice and application. Faith and Works. Perseverance and Dedication. Honor and Valor. Respect and Heroism. Love and Conversation. Patience and Kindness. Mercy and Fight. Fight hard, show no mercy, for none was shown to you. Fail, You would have only have failed at trying and still did your best. Make your best the best YOUR BEST, YOU'RE TRYING YOUR BEST, SAY IT AND DO IT. FULL THROTTTLE. THE BEST YOU GOT. YOU ONLY GET ONE TRY. YOUR TRY IS YOUR LEGACY. It gets hairy. You gotta make sure you comb each and every hair when ever you think 1 hair is out of place. And manage it. You get 1 head. You got it? That's a question. Got it? That's what I thought! Silly. Don't Fail! We got an app for that. However application is administered. Maintain your composure at all times. Remember to fight to the end. It might be the end of the war. The War on Terror, and that War won't end till TERROR is eliminated and contained as a whole. Stand tall, fight proud, fight hard. And We, Well All Fight Until The End. All For One, One For All. Mean it and Say It, and Make Sure You Mean It, NOW SAY IT TO YOUR BROTHER HOORAH. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. PROTECT THE FLAG. PROTECT IT WITH YOUR LIFE. NEVER SURRENDER SHOW NO MERCY TAKE EM OUT. BEND IT TILL IT BREAK. One more thing, ITS NOT WHAT YOU DID ITS gonna be what you do next. Do it right the first time. Trust that they've tought you the right way. This... is life, don't waste it. Shine your token up. Compose. Perform. All For One, One For All.


  • Feb 10, 2020

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