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You can not control the first thought. You can control the second thought and the first reaction. I ask that you excuse me for the first thought 🙄😤🤧 Having your life ship whipped sideways... Its rough, it hurts, but then its over. Learning to pick yourself up, dust your knees off and ask "what are we doing different today?" Thats the misrepresented, consequently misunderstood part of the grieving process. It's different for each and every induvidual and it's harder and more complex everytime.I find it hard to think that even though I may be attempting to cope, I still have to show my face with each and every person and keep in mind that they may have had a life similar, worse, sometimes even better than the one a lot of our youth and parents face, everyday. Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat. 24/7 365. We dont get weekends or holidays. Its life 🤧


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