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Chapter 18
Whites's Plan

Meanwhile Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler and Artby finished resting after a while. They got up, after a few days they were cleared to leave the hospital. After all of that they headed home.

" I'm so glad that we stopped Easeion " said Artby.
" Me too, the next one is Whites " said Warbler.
" The bakers have done wonders for us, we must always congratulate bakers " said Artby. " Bakers must know about what they have done "
" Bakers probably know about the bread they are making " said Crayon.
" Bakers know about the bread but they have done wonders for us " said Artby. " I will keep believing in bakers and I will not stop, we must keep training hard as well
" Indeed " said Colourea.
" We have gotten so strong now but we must not quit training " said Colouruke. " I'm glad that Easeion is finished and we are not dead "

After all of that, Crayon was kissing Colourea pretty intensely and after that, they headed into the bedroom together and sex ended up happening.

While that was happening, Artby was talking with Colouruke and Warbler.

" I am proud of Crayon " said Artby.
" We all are " said Colouruke and Warbler.
" He is so happy sexually with Colourea now " said Artby. 
" He is " said Colouruke.
" You can hear it as well, it's great to see " said Artby. 
" Uh, yeah " said Warbler.
" The bakers have helped him sexually again it is great to see " said Artby.
" The bakers wanted him to get laid ? " said Warbler.
" They sure did, ask any baker inside the bakeries " said Artby. " They are happy for Crayon "

Crayon and Colourea finished having sex, Whites had a lot of the Bear members with him.

" Now it is time for us to take over Colourland " said Whites. " My cousin will be our new leader of the country and he will make Blackina his queen "
" We will make sure he does " said the first member.
" Blackin is going to marry Blackina and nobody will stop it from happening " said Whites. " If Blackin cannot do that, he will never forgive anyone "
" Blackin will make Blackina his bride " said the second member.
" Why would we allow Crayon and his friends to prevent him from doing so " said the third member.
" Great, all of you need to steal as much as possible " said Whites. " All our members will be stealing for this wedding that will commence when Blackin has taken over
" All of those five must die " said the fourth member.
" Since the Smithsons are gone, we know that we cannot spare anyone " said Whites. "
" Blackin will be married to Blackina " said the first member.
" He sure will " said the second member.

Whites and tons of Bear members left the area. The members then went and headed near a house. Three members used their Shadow Bombs and they cracked the window. The members went in the house and they surrounded a man. The man then rushed to punch but he was kicked to the ground.

The members took his wallet. The members then used their Shadow Strikes and knocked the man out. They stole a phone and they started to steal some USB cords as well. 

Meanwhile, other Bear members had broken into a different house and stole multiple wallets, phones and a watch. After that they then surrounded a man and then used their Shadow Bombs on the man which knocked him out. They stole his wallet. A man tried to get help but Whites who was around the area blasted him with his Super Darkness Blast. Whites then took his wallet.

Whites then used his Super Ice Blast and froze a man partly. He was able to remove his wallet which he stole, Whites then rushed a man and then used the Shadow Implosion and knocked him out.

Bear members then used their Shadow Bombs to prevent people around the area from getting help and they took all their wallets and they stole a necklace as well. After all of this, then Whites then used the Super Darkness Blast at a man he saw that was not defeated. Whites then took his wallet and stole a lock he had.

After all of this, they met up with more Bear members who then headed with Whites and they all headed back to the hideout where they met with Blackin and Blackina.

Blackin and Blackina were happy to see all of the stuff that was stolen.

" Great, there is a lot of wallets and the watch that was stolen is very valuable " said Blackina.
" We will need more to be stolen, but this is a great start " said Blackin.
" I cannot wait to be your queen when we take over Colourland " said Blackina.
" Indeed, it will be truly beautiful " said Blackin.

Blackin kissed Blackina.

The next day started and Crayon woke up and they heard about the attacks from the news.

" This is awful " said Crayon.
" Man, we really have to stop them " said Colourea.
" Perhaps Challenger has something to say about these attacks " said Colouruke.
" We should contact Challenger.

Crayon called Challenger.

" Challenger, did you hear about what happened ? " asked Crayon.
" That Whites guy is something else, his abilities are out of this world " said Challenger. 
" So many people were hurt from this, I fear that they are about to attempt to take over Colourland " said Crayon.
" You five cannot let them do that, but more training would be great " said Challenger.
" Our techniques are great but we can always get better " said Crayon. " We will need it against a guy like Whites "
" Apparently their leader says that he will make his girlfriend his queen when they take over, I have heard " said Challenger.
" The more we find about Whites, the more it will lead to this couple " said Crayon. " It seems like they plan to marry each other when they take over Colourland
" I have also been contacted by QuackQ, they say they will be having reporters do more questioning involving Numerians " said Challenger. " They alĺ say they are tired of the race card being used too much "
" The race card ? " asked Crayon. " What does the race card have to do with Numerians and questioning "
" My guess is, that QuackQ is tired of being called racists " said Challenger. " The thing is, that if they push for everyone to profile then it will get them called racists "
" That is their decision to make, for now we must train hard and focus on The Bear " said Crayon.
" Glad to see you again Crayon, I have to go so see you later.

Crayon got a message from the phone.

Crayon, we are being called racist too much now. We need to question the people of Colourland involving Numerians and find out why the race card is being used so much now. You five never play the race card, so I know that you can be counted on. Always remember that QuackQ will be on your side, Crayon you are so Colourlandish and also remember just like QuackQ you are not racist. QuackQ will be doing tons of interviews through the country so you will see us everywhere in Colourland.

Crayon then discussed the message.

" The race card ? " asked Warbler.
" I'm not sure what QuackQ is expecting from all of this " said Colouruke.
" They claim they will find out the reason for the race card being used, but I know these comments about Numerians will just get them called racists " said Artby.
" That is for QuackQ to deal with " said Colourea. " If they get called racist, so be it "
" Yeah, I really do not understand what QuackQ is going to accomplish by doing this " said Crayon.
" We will train hard regardless of how QuackQ is being " said Warbler.

The five of them ate their breakfast and then headed to train.

Crayon and Warbler were busy working on their Wind  attacks. Warbler used the Super Sky Bomb while Crayon countered with the Super Air Blast. The attacks hit each other. Crayon then was able to use the Air Implosion while Warbler was able to counter with his Supreme Sky Blast. The attacks were so powerful. While all of that was happening, Artby and Colourea were using their Light attacks. Artby used the Supreme Light Bomb while Colourea used the Light Implosion. The attacks hit with a lot of intense power. Colouruke was practicing his Water attacks and was using the Supreme Sea Bomb. He was also using the Supreme Sea Blast as well. After all of that training they then decided to head home.

QuackQ reporters were talking about the race card that Numerians are using according to QuackQ.

" So, what do you think about Numerians using the race card ? " asked the QuackQ reporter.
" The race card ? asked the man. " I think it's not just Numerians though "
" Numerians play the race card more than any other country " said the QuackQ reporter. " While it is true that there are other incidents with the race card, it is almost all Numerians "
" That many incidents ? " asked the man. " From just Numerians ? "
" Numerians will call you racist when you call the police on them for committing crimes " said the QuackQ reporter. " They love being criminals, doing drugs and hurting people
" Anyways, it was great to talk to you about Numerians hopefully you will keep an eye out for them " said the QuackQ reporter.

Lots of reporters continued to talk with people of Colourland, some called QuackQ racists and that had a few people who said that Numerians were an issue.

Bryant, Jack and Amanda of QuackQ were discussing the attacks and the interviewing that QuackQ was doing involving the race card.

" This has gotten so out of control " said Jack.
" Crayon's the way to stop it " said Amanda. " Crayon has shown how brave and Colourlandish he is time and time again "
" Colourlandish people have shown that they will support Crayon all the time, but unfortunately Numerians keep playing the race card " said Bryant.
" Our reporters have been called racist by Numerians and some Colourlandish " said Jack. " That is not acceptable "
" The one good thing is that they all believe in Crayon " said Amanda. " You can tell that Colourea loves how Colourlandish he is "
" Crayon is perfect for Colourea " said Bryant.
" He sure is, it is so Colourlandish " said Jack. " I know that his abilities will get a lot stronger in the future
" This Whites guy is dangerous, but nothing that Crayon and his friends cannot handle " said Amanda. 
" These robberies are getting more vicious by the minute, Colourlandish people must put their faith in Crayon instead of Numerians " said Jack.
" Colourland loves Crayon, he is so Colourlandish " they all said. " We will be saved by him, Colourland will not be taken over by The Bear
" We must find out more about this cousin of Whites who leads the organization with this girlfriend of his " said Amanda.
" We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned " said Bryant. " Remember, Colourland's great just like Crayon and he's so Colourlandish "

Blackin and Blackina were speaking in front of several members of The Bear.

" As you well know, we are going to be married after our takeover of Colourland " said Blackina.
" I will make Blackina my queen and I need more things stolen " said Blackin.
" We will rough up the citizens and make this wedding brilliant " said the first member.
" Those five fighters must be stopped " said the second member.
" My great cousin Whites will kill them " said Blackin. " We need all of you for this to truly happen " said Blackina.
" We will also target Challenger " said the third member.
" We must question him and his motives with Crayon " said the first member.
" Good, we must know that as well " said Blackin.
" The Bear will reign supreme " said Blackina.
" Hahahahahaha " they all said together.

Blackin kissed Blackina, and the members headed out to Colourland. Whites was leading the giant group.

Later in the day, Crayon took Colourea to Colourland's Pizza and Pasta for supper. 

They enjoyed their dinner there and after that they tipped, paid and then left.

While they were there Artby, Colouruke and Warbler were talking.

" We must be ready for The Bear " said Colouruke.
" We will " said Warbler.
" Bread has done wonders for us " said Artby. " I'm so happy to see Crayon be so happy with Colourea 
" It is great to see " said Colouruke.

After a while of hanging out, Crayon returned with Colourea.

Crayon and Colourea were happy and enjoyed themselves. Artby, Colouruke and Warbler welcomed them inside. After all of that, Crayon was kissing Colourea.

Time passed and all of them went to bed.

Whites had arrived in Colourland with tons of Bear members. They headed towards the office of Challenger. 

Whites then blasted open part of the office building with the Shadow Implosion. The members then got on the elevator and headed to the area that belonged to Challenger.

" We will record a message " said Whites.

Whites recorded a long message, while Bear members cleaned the office of all the supplies. They saw a safe and they took it. After stealing a lot of stuff, they headed to other rooms on the floor. Whites then went in the rooms and started to record the message as well, the Bear members took more supplies from each area.

Bear members posted the logo of the organization all over the floor. They then headed outside the building.

They then started attacking people with their Shadow Strikes. They found lots of wallets, some watches and necklaces. They stole some lipstick. After all of that attacking, Whites then charged energy and then was able to use the Supreme Ice Blast and he broke open into a bakery.

Whites then found where the money was kept and they took all of it. Bear members then printed the logo all over the bakery. After all of that, they then started to attack people again, and they were able to take more wallets again. They then were able to take some phones as well, headphones and a lock.

After all of the robbing and fighting they then headed back to the hideout where Blackin greeted them.

" Whites, what have you got here ? " asked Blackin.
Whites showed his cousin Blackin all that was stolen.
" Great to see all of this " said Blackin.
" It will be great to see what I did to Challenger's office " said Whites.
" Did you record the message ? asked Blackin.
" I did " said Whites.
" Great to see " said Blackin.
" Challenger will be so fucking hurt by all of this " said Whites.
" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin. " Anyways Blackina is waiting for me Whites so I'll see you later.

Chapter 19
Whites, Blackin's Best Man

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler got up and they heard about more robberies and attacks but they were worse this time.

" There has to be something more to this than that " said Crayon.
" We should head to the office of Challenger " said Colouruke.

They headed to the office and then they saw these claw marks.

" The Bear must have struck here, part of the building is damaged as well " said Crayon.
" Let's go to Challenger's office " said Warbler.

They went and saw that all the office supplies were all gone and there was a message on the computer.

" My name is Blackin, and my plan to marry Blackina is going to happen. Challenger if you want Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler to not die you must force them to refrain from getting involved in anymore fighting. We are going to rob lots of Colourland, the best man is going to be Whites. Whites, the best man has been leading these robberies and there will be much more vicious each time. Challenger we need you for questioning at our base as well, you can bring the five fighters if you want but no more fighting like I said earlier. We will take over as a couple and Blackina will be my queen and nobody will stop us.

" Questioning ? asked Colouruke.
" So Blackin is their leader then " said Crayon.
" Blackin will not succeed in this " said Colourea.
" I understand caring about who you are with, but this has gone way too far " said Warbler.
" We will just keep training " said Artby. " The bakers want us to be really strong "
" We should see more of Colourland and see what The Bear have truly done" said Colouruke.

They had noticed a bakery had been robbed and the logo of The Bear was there.

" Bakers cannot suffer like this " said Artby. " The Bear must be stopped for how they treat bakers "
" Well we must see where else " said Crayon.

They had noticed the hospitals were getting more full.

" I'm curious about the hideout of The Bear " said Artby.
" Same here, as much as I hate seeing these attacks " said Crayon.
" I really hope that The Bear are not setting a trap for us " said Colouruke.
" That is true about the hideout, but we have to remember what Blackin is willing to do for Blackina " said Colourea.
" Blackin will sacrifice the wellbeing of Colourland for Blackina " said Crayon.

After all of that, they continued training their attacks. 

Crayon, Artby and Colourea kept using their Light Attacks, Warbler used his Wind Attacks and Colouruke used his Water Attacks. After a lot of training they headed home.

Bryant and Jack of QuackQ were talking about the attacks.

" This has gotten too far now " said Jack.
" Crayon just needs to intercept the attacks, when Crayon fights we are saved again " said Bryant.
" I am hoping that Crayon got our message about being called racist " said Jack.
" Crayon will be glad to know that he is not racist " said Bryant. " I am glad that QuackQ has contacted him
"  He knows that we are not racist now and that he is not racist " said Jack.
" I am glad that some people in Colourland said we are not racist " said Bryant.
" Saying that QuackQ is not racist is a very Colourlandish thing to say, perhaps Crayon has inspired them to not find us racist " said Jack.
" Crayon has done wonders for Colourland so really anything is possible " said Bryant. 
" Colourea has done wonders for Crayon as well " said Jack.
" It is so Colourlandish " said Bryant.
" Artby has went to our Colourlandish bakeries a lot " said Jack.
" He is eating the Colourlandish way which is the way we have wanted Artby to eat " said Bryant. 
" Crayon inspired him to eat in Colourland, we are proud of that " said Jack.
" The bakers have kept the bread Colourlandish which is the way that Colourland wants the bread to be " said Bryant.
" Artby knows the bakers very well " said Jack.
" We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned " said Bryant. " Always remember to thank the people who said that QuackQ is not racist and never forget them "

Whites went with Bear members and they then targeted a shop when they got to Colourland.

They then started using their Shadow Strikes on people in the shop while Whites used the Super Ice Blast on the shopkeeper freezing him. They then took all the wallets and they were able to get the money from the shop. They took some necklaces, phones and a watch. After all of that they then started heading to an alley and they saw a man.

" Stop this " said the man.
" You really think just because you say that will prevent us from attacking " said a Bear member.

Whites then used the Snowstorm technique which intensely blew on his face and he could not see, after that Whites then used the Shadow Implosion which brutally knocked the man out. Two people rushed to get help but Bear members launched their Shadow Strikes to knock them out.

They took their wallets and then left. After all of this some different Bear members found Crayon and his friends outside.

" So Crayon it is time for you five to come with us " said the first member.
" You will not regret that " said the second member.
" You know that we need Challenger right now " said the third member.
" He's not here right now " said Artby.
" Where is he then ? " asked the fourth member.
" I haven't seen him around " said Colouruke.
" Don't fuck with us, Blackin insists on him coming with us " said the fifth member.
" You know what happened to his office right ? " asked the first member. " We will destroy the building if you don't find him for us "
" Call him if you have his contact " said the second member.
" Call the man now " said the third member.

They contacted Challenger.

" Challenger, where are you right now " said Crayon.
" I am at a Colourlandish bar " said Challenger.
" Which bar ? " asked Crayon.
" Joshua's Bar " said Challenger.
" Ok " said Crayon.

Crayon told them that he was at Joshua's Bar

The members then left and headed there and more Bear members appeared.

" Come with us " said the Bear members. " There are over 25 of us right now, so don't fight "

They then followed the Bear members and headed to the bar.

" Challenger, Blackin would like to see you " said the Bear members.
" Why ? " asked Challenger.
" He has questions for you " said one member.
" Crayon and his friends will join you there " said the second member.
" You will meet Blackin and see the love he truly has for Blackina " said the third member.
" What type of questions ? asked Artby. " Perhaps the bakers have an idea "
Bakers ? " asked the first member. " We robbed the first bakery, we'll rob more bakeries if you don't just come with us "
" Bakers know a lot " said Artby. " Bakers are very wise people "
" Bakers are wise at making bread " said the fourth member. " More Bear members just showed up here so it is time for you six to join us

Several giant vans showed up and then the members of the Bear took Crayon and his friends and headed towards the hideout.

They had left the main part of Colourland and started heading through the forest.

" So have you guys been buying bread ? asked Artby.
" Bread ? asked the Bear member. " What is any of this to you "
" Bread's great " said Artby. " I'm just curious how much bread the members are eating "
" Look, just be quiet " said the Bear member. " I really don't need you going on about bread like that "

They got through the forest and saw this giant building.

When they got out they were greeted by Whites.

" It is me Whites " said Whites.
" Whites, we brought the six like you asked " said the Bear member.
" Good " said Whites. " My cousin Blackin is going to make Blackina his queen "
" You can tell that Blackin is great for Blackina " said the first member.
" Blackin has shown the feelings he has for Blackina for a long time now " said the second member.
" The Bear has been robbing people a lot more now " said Whites.
" We will bring you to Blackin and Blackina " said the third member.

They went inside the giant building which was the hideout. They then saw Blackin and Blackina who then saw them. Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were stationed in a  different room while Challenger was about to talk with Blackin and Blackina.

" Challenger, it is now time " said Blackin.
" Time for ? " asked Challenger.
" There is a lot involving Colourland, that we need to question you about " said Blackina.
" Challenger, the two of us are going to take over it " said Blackin.
" Take over Colourland, for what purposes " said Challenger.
" We are going to expand The Bear all over, I will marry Blackina and make her my queen " said Blackin.
" The Bear will continue to rob more and more to make this happen, so how about the five fighters join us " said Blackina.
" You want them to join ? asked Challenger.
" We have decided to make this decision, you could be part of something great " said Blackin.
" If you join, we will allow you to be part of the wedding " said Blackina. " You will get to see us marry, it will be great "
" They would do wonders on our missions " said Blackin. " If they can beat Easeion, then they are worth it "
" I will have to talk with them " said Challenger.
" If they do not join us, then they will not be part of the ruling of Colourland " said Blackin.
" We will have to kill them if they dare intervene with anything The Bear does " said Blackina.
" Would you want them to be alive or dead ? asked Blackin. " The choice is very clear and obvious "
" We will give you 30 minutes to have a long discussion with them, we expect that they will join us " said Blackina.

Challenger was talking with Crayon and his friends.

" The Bear wants at the wedding " said Challenger.
" I wonder why? " asked Crayon.
" They want you five to join them " said Challenger.
" We cannot do that " said Warbler. " After all of this "
" After the way they treat bakers " said Artby. " Bakers mean so much to Colourland "
" We will have to find a way out of here " said Colouruke.
" We cannot let Whites, Blackin or Blackina see us " said Crayon.
" Indeed " said Challenger.
" We can take Whites on, but if all three of them fight us we cannot make it " said Crayon.
" We would to need to break in to a van to have a chance since we surrounded by a forest " said Colouruke.
" Sounds good to me " said Crayon.

Blackin and Blackina then were talking with Whites.

" Challenger was supposed to come here and have those fighters join him " said Blackin.
" If they refuse, we cannot have them at the wedding " said Blackina.
" I will deal with them " said Whites.
" It will not be difficult " said Blackin.
" I will fucking end their lives if they do not join us " said Whites. " Blackin, you will be making Blackina your queen very soon "
" Hahahahahahahahaha " they all said.

Challenger, Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler and Artby then saw the vans outside.

" Hey, you can't come in here " said a Bear member.

Crayon then used his Super Wind Blast while Artby used the Super Light Kick. The attacks hit and the man was knocked out cold.

They then charged energy but not too much and broke open the window. They got inside and Challenger started to drive the van. They left the hideout and Whites went into the room and noticed they were gone.

" Those fuckers " said " Whites. " I will notify Blackin and Blackina.

Challenger continued to drive through the forest for about 4 miles. After that they were outside the main part of Colourland. During their drive Blackin and Blackina were notified and they sent Bear members to Colourland.

They then made it into Colourland and got out of the vehicle. After all of that, they went to their respective homes and then went to bed.

At the morning Whites then was up with Blackin and Blackina.

" Whites, I need you to eliminate those five fighters " said Blackin.
" I will do that and I will be a great best man for the wedding " said Whites.
" They cannot be kept alive, we know of your brilliant Ice techniques " said Blackina.
" If I cannot make Blackina my queen, I cannot accept that " said Blackin.
" The Bear must have that happen, our members will keep robbing parts of Colourland while Whites fights " said Blackina.
" Sounds like a great plan to me " said Whites.
" When we unite, there is nobody that stands a chance " said Blackina.
" The Bear is great " said Blackin. " We will get rid of Crayon and his friends for good "

In the morning Crayon and his friends got up and headed to a bakery.

" It's great to see bakers " said Artby. " Bakers have done so much for me, Warbler, Colouruke, Colourea and Crayon.

They bought their bread and left. After that, they headed back to eat breakfast. They ate and later went to train.

They were training their Bomb moves. Crayon used his Supreme Air Bomb while Warbler used his Supreme Sky Bomb. The attacks hit against each other with such intense power. Colourea and Artby used their Supreme Light Bombs and like the other ones also hit with extreme power. Then Colouruke used his Supreme Sea Bomb.

" Glad to see our attacks have gotten better " said Warbler.
" We are going to need it " said Crayon. " He's stronger than Easeion "
" The asskicking that we will give Whites will be a good asskicking " said Artby. " The bakers have made us give better asskickings, I've been grateful of bakers because of this "
" Better asskickings ? " asked Warbler.
" We just give great asskickings, that's what we do " said Artby. " Plus eat great bread "

After all of that, Whites had arrived in Colourland. He then was seen by a man.

" It's the Bear " yelled the man.
" Do you want to die " said Whites.
" No " said the man.
" Well if you don't shut up or you dare to defend Crayon you are going to die " said Whites.

The man rushed towards this street but Whites then punched him.

" Crayon is going to die " said Whites.
" What " said the man on the ground.
" The thing is, that my cousin is going to arrive here " said Whites. " Colourland will belong to him "

The man got up but Whites then grabbed him and knocked him down. Whites then fired the Super Ice Blast, which left him defeated.

Whites then went through Colourland looking for Crayon and his friends, he saw the van that was stolen.

" This van " said Whites. " I know they did this "
" Crayon's going to die "

Later in the evening, QuackQ were talking about the Bear van, the attacks and about Colourland.

" So this is the van that the Bear uses " said Bryant.
" Colourlandish people must watch out for them " said Jack. " Our reporters found one more person that said that QuackQ's not racist "
" That's what we should be seeing, saying that we are not racist is the truth " said Bryant.
" Colourland's great, Colourland's not racist " said Jack.
" Our news stations are not racist, it is not just us who are not racist " said Bryant.
" Crayon has inspired Colourlandish people to not find us racist I am sure " said Jack.
" The way he kisses Colourea is Colourlandish " said Bryant.
" He kisses her the Colourlandish way, Colouruke knows it too " said Jack.
" He inspired Challenger to not date Numerians, he fights Numerians, Crayon's great and Colourland's great " said Bryant.
" Crayon knows how Colourlandish he is and he's not afraid to show it, it allowed Colourea to fall in love with him " said Jack.
" There are many Colourlandish couples out there that can be very inspired by Crayon " said Bryant. " He has set a very Colourlandish example for us all "
" Bird's Isle also probably knows about the example that Crayon is setting " said Jack.
" Numerians reject Crayon because he sees through the race card " said Bryant. " Playing the race card is not only Anti Colourlandish but anti Crayon as well.
" Crayon has inspired Colourea to not use the race card " said Jack.
" We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned " said Bryant. Always remember that QuackQ's not racist, Crayon's not racist, Colourea's not racist, Colouruke's not racist, Artby's not racist, Warbler's not racist and that our viewers are not racist.

The five of them went to bed. 


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