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I blame me - I blame you
I praise me - I praise you
Dummy! Can’t you see
The people you’re talking too- is me

Outside issues- emotions within
All can get under your skin
Once it enters your personal  world
The flag of the brain battle is unfurled 

Others can tell you- advise you or sell you
But whatever they do
Leaves you contented or askew
It’s not them to blame- whatever their name

If your quality rises or slips without traction
With pleasant surprises or negative action
Take your pointing finger - turn it degree 180
Look it in the eye  
Understand that you are the guy
You control you
You eat the cake or you eat crow 
That is really all you have to know

You and you alone are responsible for your  actions 
You can be your best friend 
You can be your worst enemy 
It’s your choice-it’s your voice


  • Strong message!

    Feb 09, 2020

  • Feb 09, 2020

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