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I woke up on a sunny morning my roommate still asleep.I got ready for school and woke up my roommate and asked for the keys I got in the car and drove of. When I got to school I met my friend Sam we walked to class.are history teacher was stressed and very mad. He was shouting at people for touching his hour later class was over I was sooo happy it was lunch me and same sat down expecting to be by are selfs until on of the popular kids walked up and said he was going to a party and wasn't allowed to fo inless he jad a date and if I could fo with him I said sure.after school he came and picked me up when we got there it was awesome there were people chugging beer his friends came over and said hey Alex got a girlfriend if you don't u have to leave and can't just be on that you asked and will never talk to again.he said yeah I have on here its Anna. Alex really if shes ir girlfriend then kiss her for 10 seconds right now. Alex said ok then we kissed. We were allowed in the party Alex chugged some beer and got drunk then we we played spin the bottle there was a circle of boys and a circle of girls when a boy spined whatever girl it landed on they had to have sex for 1min.When a girl spinned whatever boy it landed on they had to have sex for 1min everyone was drunk except me. Alex friend jack spinned and it landed on me then he asked were do you want to do it then a girl spinned for the boys it landed in jacks brother james he said do it right here then he jumped on me and started kissing me Alex said the rules are if you don't do it back then all the boys get to have sex with you for 2mins and if you dont do it back then they get to have sex with you for 4mins and it keeps on doubling even if one of the boys don't like what they get.So I had sex with Jack sadly he said he didn't like it so all the boys.Had sex with me for 2mins and there was 6 boys wich ment for me 12mins of sex after that again jack didn't like it so I had to have sex with all tge boys for 4mins wich ment for me 24mins of sex after that jack didn't like it again I was beginning to think he was saying that on purpose but I had to have sex with all the boys for 8mins wich meant 48mins of sex all the boys were now saying they didn't like they wanted hours on end all at the same time and I would have to go to there house after school everyday to have sex hours on end they would share me.I jad so much sex that night tomorrow at school I was all the popular kids little thing when ever they wanted they would kiss me or even have sex with me the thing was they even done it during class then they started telling the other boys everthing about it I soon became the boys little pet and if u done anything about it they would get all the boys in school to go to jacks house and me to all have sex with me for hours on end so I didn't even the nerds were having sex with and kissing me it was the worst


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