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Miss thinking thinker.
What a mistake you are.
With your sculpted face and your stubborn hair.
Your stupid voice and your lingering stare.
Miss thinking thinker.
Let's take a look inside at your maddening thoughts and your beaten-up mind.
Your confused and angsty heart waiting to bleed into you until you burst and die.
Miss thinking thinker?
Where exactly do you wanna be, here on Earth or somewhere, dead.
Now don't cry or you'll wetten the pillow and the bed.
Are you fixable?
Cause you're clearly faulted and faulty means Dented and dented means you'll wound up dead in hell.
Miss thinking thinker.
What a mistake you are.
Mistake you are.
You are.


  • Feb 09, 2020

  • Ciel ojomu

    Ciel Ojomu

    thank you

    Feb 09, 2020

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