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Once there was a little bird, not bigger than a child's slipper. Flying through the harsh, cold night, not ceasing to shiver. Tired, alone and saddened, he decided to alight. On the window of a beautiful old house, whose allure seemed warmly nice. Seduced by his angst for the world, he closed his big sad eyes and drifted off to sleep as deep as his heart would allow. Unknown to our exhausted little bird on whose territory it resides. Was the loveliest, kindest tiny presence that hatred gladly despised. His delicate eyes shone of gems and his smile Provoked a lovely feeling of which you can't describe. Abu looked out the window into the night and stared up at the exquisiteness of those stars that surround his being. Took a glance to the left And that's when he discovered, a tiny bird on his window ledge resting in peaceful despair. He picked the birdie up and walked it to his bed, eased it of its shivers with a small cloth fit for a blanket he just happened to possess. And the little bird slept pleased happy and feeling it's best. And Abu is a lovely child whose heart is big, innocent and beautiful.


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