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As you can probably can tell I had no choice but to leave you, if you honestly have to stop and think about why I had to leave you, when I should have left you're ass a long time ago.
                  Especially after you had thrashed me throughout the cab of our pick-up truck as well as giving me my very first shiner, which I never left you nor did I ever run to the cops to rat you out, fuck I even turned you down as you were begging for me to run to the cops, so if I really think, that it should come as a shock or no big surprise that I had to leave you after being together for four long years and celebrated our very first year wedding anniversary, then you really are not looking that hard into our past together on all the hell you had put me through, you have me in fear of my life which last time I can recall that the one that you supposedly are married to is supposed to be your best friend one who would never put you in danger let alone threatened you or even go out of their way to kill you so with all of that being said then you should be able to see clearly now of why your supposedly love of your life, your wife had to pack up and leave you.
                      I still love you & Always will But I CAN'T TAKE NO MORE ABOUSE- BABY THAT'S WHY I HAD TO LEAVE YOU!

                           Written By: Donna
                           Original Date Written:
                                       December 9,2019


  • Feb 09, 2020

  • Feb 09, 2020

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