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I want a house I need a car
With peace of mind i need not more 
But fire there is; in my humble aboard
And "oh" my dilemma has just begun.

I have a fiance oh "thee I love"
With a pure of heart and the fear of God 
But outside my wall, is a figure of 8
And a player I am, play I shall

With the pulse of fate, I grew to wealth
With the help of meds, I regained health
But caged I am in my own home 
In pursuit of just one, I lost all

I desire knowledge to gain wealth 
For whoever has wisdom survives best
But the knowledge I have is a bondage 
And wisdom itself increases pain

From the east to west and north to south
I've searched, explored, in many lands
But where am from remains my home
On and on will follow my dilemma.


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