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 Beneath the earth they say was hell
 Above the sky, they say God lived 
 But here to there, we could just not tell
 Only the thoughts of men could live.

 In a slow long trip, I found myself
 It presents itself as a long sweet dreams
 But we're I was I could just not tell
Or' I was on the way to the other side.

 The living fear for things ahead
 They seek and quest for peace and health
 But why wish for things the dead do have 
 In a short say our souls are in search for death.

 No one wants to die but they know not how to live
But the ones we think are soon to die are the ones that fights to live 
People do come and people do go, but farewell is all we can say 
For we know a "time" will come for us 
Then we'll be on our way to the other side.


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    Feb 09, 2020

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    Feb 13, 2020

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