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I'm here writing in this diary,to say that you are perfect in anyway even if you were born with conditions your beatiful in your own way,don't let other people deceive you because you should LOVE YOURSELF.I feel like there so many people saying to themselves that their fat or ugly but you aren't because there are always people in theis world that care about you,even if your family hates you or school isn't feeling safe there is someone who loves you and that person is me because I will care about you and make you happy even if we don't see each other or know each other.

《A/N: BTS,LOVE YOURSELF TOUR are there any armys here》

Ther will be one person who cares about you and thats me I will take you and make you smile,but one last thing is I know no one will do the same thing for me because I know that I was born at the wrong time.But everyone one of you has a purpose in this world but not me,I am an outcast.So please don't do suicide just know deep in your ♥️ that you have somone who cares about you.

《A/N: This made me cry when I made this😢😭》


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