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Do we know our friends? I mean "Yes, we know them, but do we know if they are actually who they seem to be?" I have a good bit of friends, but the only ones I KNOW are my actual friends are about tree or four. I know my actual friends are who they are because I trust them, I KNOW them, and they are always there for me.
Two of my actual friends have always been there for me. I have had times where I thought about my life and things from my past, and these friends were always there for me. This writing may have seemed to be about me or people who don't know there friends, but it's actually about my two best friends. My two best friends have been through hell and back. They deserve better than what they have now. They are twins who I love both as if they were my brothers. I will not say there names, but they are very special to me. This poem goes out to the twins I call my brothers. 

                     Friends I hold dear

I love like your my brothers.
Were always there for each other.
We share more than you think,
I guess it fills in the blank.
You know you always have me,
When ever you need something.
I know you're really smart,
And this is coming from the heart, 
But did you know, 
I love you so,
And it will never ever change.
Please forgive me for all that I've done,
And let's start over and have some fun.
Injoy life
And know to be nice.
Love ya, and stay blessed!


  • Feb 08, 2020

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