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     Christ's Atheism on the Cross

     During the Passion, Christ is subjected to utter torment on every level—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.—from torture, friend betrayal, unjust societal judgement, and a low, humiliating death. It's an archetypal story that began as a child, being informed that He is the Son of God, his responsibilities during life, and inevitable death. It's a life that's as bad as it could get. It's an archetypal story in which it gets so bad that God Himself despairs about the essential quality of being. The Atheism is evident during His crucifixion as He yells out, "Father, why have you forsaken me?!"

     I believe this symbolizes the real tests of life, in that they represent the severity in our faith. If we come to doubt, it's counterproductive to linger in it, for even God fell to the temptation of doubt. It is during these times, in our fallen state, where a decision must be made—

     One can either stay and wither away in a black abyss, or transform oneself into something much greater. This transformation is never an easy process, which involves voluntary confrontation to conflict within oneself, what one fears, what disgusts, and one's past traumas. 

     It is not happiness that we should constantly want and have. If we are invariably happy, what would we work for? What would we have to look forward to? It must be accepted. In today's world, life doesn't function within that pipe dream—always being happy. 

     Life itself is fundamentally suffering and malevolent, but it's this that makes the uncontrollable happy times more significant. The light you discover is in direct relation to the amount of dark you are willing to confront. It's necessary to confront your devil, demon, parasite, or shadow self and accept the dark as much as the light, in order to grow. 


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