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So I took up (yawns) I heard a loud noise in my closet it sounded like (beep beep beep) so I looked it was 8:30 my parents leave me encharge so I can take care of my baby brother Cole he is 6 years old (just a made up book) so I wook him up I screamed like crazy he started to cry so I had to make him stop so I put on my clothes pack my backpack and put my lunch in my lunch box so I looked at the time again it was 9:10 so soon as I was about to run out the door I forgot to put on my shoes,brish my teeth,wash my face,and to take my medicine ( just so u can Know I don't take medicine in real life it's fiction book)so it took me 10 more minutes to do that it was 9:20 so I ran to school then I stopped for a moment to take a little rest soon as I wook up my brother was muddy I said wait OHH NO THE TIME IS 2:59 I HAVE ONE MINUTE TO GO TO SCHOOL BEFORE IT BE OVER soon as I was half a inch from putting my foot in school it was 3:00 the bell rang it was time to go home so I will be in Truble today actually a LOOOOONG time


  • so funny

    Feb 09, 2020

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