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Time stood still the more He waited. The conversations of the people around him began to fade away. Although, the clamor of the room commenced to grow louder . he could hear the electricity flowing through the fluorescent lighting. Gazing at the one flickering bulb above him, his blood began to boil causing his face to become flushed. His pupils widened as his jaw clenched like a vice, and his hands began to twitch. Now all he could hear was a deafening ringing . “Sir can I help you” said a concerned covenant store clerk. Suddenly he morphed back into reality wondering how long she had been waiting for him to respond . Frantically looking around trying to remember the reason he was at the store. He walked up to the counter recalling what he was there for  “oh, umm. Yes can I get ten dollars on pump 6 and a pack of menthol 100s” he said looking down at the counter . His eyes dashing around . The store clerk’s concern seemed to subside. “No problem can I see your ID?.” She scanned his identification. “Corbin. I like that name. Would you like a receipt.” She asked with a slightly confused yet judgmental look. Such a simple question yet he couldn’t decide, but he knew he needed to answer soon. Knowing That the receipt would end up being thrown away or balled up on the passenger floor board of his car. He answers “no thank you.” He said While trying to fixate a fake smile on his face with out looking like an idiot but it was to late at that point . Quickly, he made his way out of gas station with relief. He hated talking to people and always tried his best to avoid conversation. Corbin made his way to the gas pump. While pumping his gas he stared at the puddle of rain on the ground. Thinking to himself “what happened to me in the store. It’s never been that bad.” Suddenly A black car pulled up to the gas pump that was next to the pump Corbin was as using. He looked up at the car. Two gentlemen probably in their twenties around the same age were talking to each other . The transformation started again. The effects were immediate. Completely consumed by adrenaline Corbin’s conscious mind left his body . He blacked out . 


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