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Egypt's  help is worthless and empty;
therefore I have called her,
"Rahab who sits still."
(Isaiah 30:7 ESV)

Today the scroll is dealing with those issues that rise against you, those historical issues that follow you before you were born again. Have you realised that the moment you advance, advocate worship or work of GOD you face physical and spiritual barriers ? 
To an extent that the dark wicked forces force you back, manipulate you. Even in your church ministry you find issues rising against you. In that spiritual quagmire you find yourself pondering, asking yourself questions to why GOD took you out of Egypt.

The scroll is now taking you to the generation of prophet Isaiah where Judeans  got confused and lost direction. Read this. Their representatives travelled to Egypt to buy protection, ironically returning to their original oppressor. Read this. Yes Judah was under threat from Assyria and opted to negotiate a defense pact with Egypt [Isaiah30:1] but forgot the promise of the LORD. Read this. There comes a prophet he mocks Egypt as Rahab who still sits. Harmless dragon.

No matter how difficult may the life situations never submit to wicked world manipulation. People around you may be used by wicked to suppress your worship life. Rise and worship , identify Rahab, limitations, condemnations, burn by HOLY fire. Where there is wicked problem YOU always provides the prophetic. Isaiah generation feared aggressions of Assyrians but there a prophet comes and belittles Egypt as Rahab. Rahab is a liar, harlot yes in the Bible she appears with many lessons but she was a harlot. You have to deal with a Rahab in around your life, around your finances , around your career, around your marriage, the scroll is about to destroy your Rahab who sits still completely. You cannot go back to Egypt, never be fooled by those pretenders gossipers around you, expose Rahab and spiritually execute the wicked. The Helper the HOLY SPIRIT is searching that Rahab as you read right now, make the decree below

priestly declaration :

O LORD GOD of Israel
Here I stand by your authority
I stand fearless by your promises
My only Helper who teaches me
YOU chose me and liberated me from bondage
I now expose and execute wickedness
Attempting to mislead block me to YOU
I believe only in YOU CHRIST JESUS
YOU are the way the truth and the life
Thank you for protection and upliftment
I will forever cling by your WORD 
Personally and in church ministry

For though we walk in flesh  we are not waging war according to flesh, our weapons of warfare are of divine spiritual power, Rahab has been destroyed , wicked strongholds have been destroyed, have faith pray and meditate without ceasing, gain strength by repentance, you will smile and mock the devil , Rahab who sits still

Grace to you and peace from GOD our FATHER and the LORD JESUS CHRIST


Priest Clement


  • Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    You know everyone have different beliefs. But Nice. :T

    Feb 09, 2020

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    Feb 10, 2020

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