Yeti Killer Read Count : 12

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
I duck down into the snow, looking through my bag I find a cocktail, I stand up, infront of me is a amry a 3, all facing the opposite direction. My gun is already ready for when I need it, I light the cocktail, and hit one of them in the back of the head. I duck, grabbing the gun. I hear there gunfire, I inch behind a bigger rock. After a minute all gunfire stops, I don't fire, yet. I then hear them walking too me. I jump up, rifle in hand, they thought I was dead, I know this because there rifles are over there shoulders. I shower the middle guy with three bullets, then aiming too the right guy, right before he pulled his wepon back, I shot him once. I feel a bullet entering my stomach, then another, and another. I take my last shot, at the guy on the left, the shooter. I pick up my phone. "Debra, I'm not coming home, I love you." I said. I can hear her tears before I hang up. 

I was the yeti killer, because of my kill streak, and brutality. I reach for my pager, I click the emergency button, I quickly hear a helicopter. Troops run out, grabbing me, and putting me in the helicopter. As they do I have a flashback, I was in a bunker being raided, it was me, and the doc. He had invented a new weapon just for this, the mini bunker, a movable wall made of steel, with a sub machinegun attach too were the line was, made too go 140 degrees. It took up the entire hallway, we began our way too the exit, but 15 people were in my way, 16 died in that moment. It's not my fault the doc died, he walked outside, where the kill zone was, I only survived because of him running out, so they knew I was telling the truth about me being me. 
I then joined the snipers, adding 12 more kills. 

I remember the time I found a bunker from the other side, I sent the location, but they saw me. I was all alone, I raced away from the bunker, lucky it was dark so it's hard too see me. They slowly closed in on me, the short story, I was put in a box, beaten with hammers, but was saved because troops thought they were burying treasure.


  • Feb 08, 2020

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