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Dreams and wants are all but one
Lost in my thoughts as I explore the world
Weak man, I am but a king in my thought
In the world in my head, I'm the God of all.

In the depths of the greatest ocean, my home in form
With gods, and goddess as neighbors am informed
And in thoughts in my head, I soliloquy and say 
What's left for me to see
Yet later still, I realized not so much has been done.

So I made a ship to sail the sea a wave itself cannot stagger 'it
And on top of the sea, it's like an island that has no beams or pillar 
In the midst of the night, it beats gravity and goes to the sky where it stands
And on top of the sky, it serves as a state where one is safe and reside
It requires no repair nor refuels for it works as if created
Like day and night, it goes up, and down until the end of time

Life with no limits for they are footprints in the moon
I built a house under the sea to make my point as clear 
With all my wealth, glory and fame I think of what to do
So yonder to space I lunch
In stars and mars, I'll make my hall
With great machines to explore the sun 
And none will pray to see me fall
On and on I'll tour this world
Until the day all men will no longer have their thoughts 


  • Nice one

    Feb 07, 2020

  • Casey Farz

    Casey Farz

    Well done!

    Feb 08, 2020

  • Nice thinking

    Feb 08, 2020

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