Tempted Feelings Read Count : 33

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic

I have this dream where I feel happy. Im setting next to her talking and I reach out to put my hand on her knee. I expect to feel nothing but her soft skin but instead I feel everything.  All the anticipation she has, the emotions she feels, I can feel her as she grows warmer up to the point she is hot. I feel her aches and pains in the same places as if I am in her body playing host to her soul. I begin to move my hand up her leg and feel the hair raised on the back of her neck.  A tingling sensation makes its way down my spine. So I move in to her more until I hear her exhale deeply and I feel the excitement she has building up. Its undeniable because now she is so hot the sweat puddles in small drops behind her jaw line beneath her ear against her skin at her neck. I can smell her so tht my mouth begins to water. I touch her and a rage of energy cast over her like electricity running through me. I begin tasting her lips and feel her getting more intense. I know she wants me so I move into her legs. The rush hits me and I feel a loss of breath.  I know just how she wants it and just what to do to make her cum for me. She drips wet as she waits for me. I begin and the sensation comes over me as I move it takes me somewhere  I've never been before. That is where I am trying to go. That's where I need to be


  • tempted feelings well written with suspense not knowing if it is an emotion of one or the action between two.

    Mar 28, 2020

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