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There a theory that every country must will die, and nearly all nations have the same history. Any politician that loves there country, or power should try too prevent this. 

Anti revolutionaries 
The best way too defeat a revolution is too subsidize alcohol, and drugs, yes it's fuck up too drug the people, but once the country is stable, this should come too a end, and is the better alternative too losing the whole country. 

A more moral solution is too make peaceful protests legal, and cause changes, there no reason too die in battle, when you can vote too end the war. It's also recommended too deported those who organize a unpeaceful protest, which has caused a death, but they need a fair trail. 

Reduce Immigration 
Economic immigrants shouldn't be allowed in, because they're no fleeing from terrorism, rather take those people's spots on the train, so they can live a better life. Another reason is that they hold no loyalty, they leave because it's uncomfortable, they may do the same if there old country becomes better, this is important because they can grow the population, causing more public spending, then they'll shrink the countries population, lowering taxes, and wasting money in public spending, that could had gone too subsidies, or welfare.

Refugees would be allowed in, but would be given a loyalty test, if they fail, they'll be sent too another country. This is because they will likely become unemployed, and will take up welfare, but if they can get a job, there allowed in. 

Those who will increase economic growth, that are fleeing from the horrors of there former country, and may become highly respected citizens should be let in, but not those who will leave while the goings good, shouldn't. This may hurt freedom, but it'll save the country.


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    Feb 07, 2020

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