How To Steal Someone Else Most Popular And Head Cheerleader Read Count : 32

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Hello everyone, My name is Cheryl Walkerson and this is my story about me. How to steal someone else  most popular and head cheerleader.
You see I pretty much have everything that I want like I was rich and famous and I was most popular and I was actually a head cheerleader as well and I have a boyfriend named Jay Greyson and he's actually the captain of the football team and trust me he was so hot and cute looking after all and Me and Jay were boyfriend and girlfriend and we were the high school cutest couple in the whole school year. So let me know  if you guys want me to write a story about of how to steal someone else most popular and head cheerleader. Let me know. Well thank you for your time xoxo love y'all ❤❤❤❤


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