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                     Matt Squires

I was sitting at the back of the computer lab in class texting Shannon my notes for the math test coming up, when my thoughts where interrupted by Mr Matthews voice 
"Charlie Parker, there's a senior here to talk to you out side"

The small chemistry class mid convocation turned towards the small corner where I sit alone ever lesson as I stood slowly. My cold limbs wrap the thick wool scarf around my neck bracing myself for the cold I was going to face as I walk out of the room.
I looked up to see a guy about 18 years old browm hair glasses kind of built looking under his dark navy blue pants and black longsleeve. Mesmerised by his looks I didn't notice he started to speak with a rough English accent
 " Charlie is it?" Extending his hand to meet my hand. Very formal. 
"Uh. Yeah and you are?" I return his formalities by shaking his hand.
He first avoided the question all together by gesturing to follow him down the stairs which I did with no hesitation. 
"Have you ever heard of Mockingjay Academy Charlie?" He turn to look at me as we walked towards the shade tree.
"No I don't think I have? What did you say your name was?" I said nervously as we grew closer to the shade tree.
"I didn't" he replied.
"You didn't what?" I replied oblivious to the fact that he had completely stopped under the shade tree.
" Charlie I didn't tell you my name and I find it very rude that your walking away" I turn around and pace back to the tree
"Well frankly I find it quite rude of you not to tell me your name" I say raising my voice slightly and folding my arms.
He grew silent staring at me. Ten minutes go by and I get annoyed with waiting any longer "I have classes to attend" I say with raised voice as I walk away. 
"Come back Charlie! My name is Matt Squires!" He yelled as I grew closer to my class room. I turned and walked back looking smug. 
"Well go on about the Academy thing"
I say wanting to get this over. He whispered quietly.
"Not here". His hand was cold as he passed me a note under the shade tree. The black scratchy writing read "ever wonder if spy's were real? Come to 223 blackberry road 6pm tonight and you'll find out" what?. By the time I looked up he was gone. 
"Wait! I have so many questions" I searched for any signs of him but found nothing.

The rest of the day when on strangely.. The same but something was off it was like Mr Matthews knew something I didn't constantly staring at me as if waiting for me to mess something up. I was confused. Home time came and passed as I got home my dad said I'd gotten a letter in the mail... I said to him that I'd read it later.. when in truth I was just confused at everything that had happened today, Matt and the stupid note, Mr Matthews and the anxious wait to 6pm.

6pm got closer and closer. I changed into something warm and told my dad I was going out with some friends. I got into my car and started to drive to the address. My heart was beating out of my chest as I got closer to the place. 199...212...223...when finally I arrived it was a school lights were on inside people that attended walking into the gates of this gorgeous night school.
I got out of my car and waited for Matt. 5 minutes went by when Mr Matthews walked up to me and told me to follow him. 
"Um why am I here Mr Matthews?" I ask confused.

He stayed silent and went onward into the Hall of the school. "Mockingjay Academy that's why Charlie.. you my dear have been selected out of millions of candidates all across the world to become one of our undercover cooperative and tactical agents. Or Undercover C.A.T for short I have watched and taught you since you were 4 years of age Charlie. You have the mental campacity physical attributes and agility that is perfect for our Academy Frankly you are 100% perfect for opporative work" .... I rocked back on my heels and felt stunned by what he had said.
"What?" I asked confused.
"To put it bluntly Mockingjay Academy Miss Parker is an Academy for teenage spies"


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