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It was late at night when Nikki was home alone. She loved being home alone, like most children her age did. She could do anything she wanted for 1 whole week! Nikki was 14 and she is capable of taking care of her self. Her parents were on another business trip. And her 18 year old brother was in college, so that left her home all by herself. Nikki planned to throw herself a birthday party since her parents aren't letting her have one. Her birthday was in 2 days and her mum and dad felt bad that they couldn't be there to celebrate with her. On the other hand, her brother didn't care too much. He was really busy studying for his up coming test.

"EEKKK! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! I have to get some party supplies! Oh! I just remembered that my parents told me where they left my presents!" She squealed happily.
"I will be 15! Oh my gosh! Ah!" She started bouncing up and down on her bed until she heard a boink. "Oops! Haha!" She ran downstairs and yanked open the fridge door, got out some food and ate it right there on the spot. Ahe dropped some and she just slid it under the fridge, like how she had once caught her brother doing.
"Thank you." She heard. It was a small voice but she heard it. 
She jumped in fright.
"AHH! A MOUSE? RAT? TALKING MOUSE-RAT? AAAH! EW! WHAT ARE YOU? W...will you hurt me?" She screamed.
"Only if you hurt me...don't be scared...Nikki.." 
Sweat slathered down her spine. She stood there will a blank look on her face.
"AH! YOU KNOW MY NAME?! WHAT ARE YOU?" Nikki dropped the remaining food and it landed on the floor, she bent down to pick it up, but before she could, a small, scaly hand reached for it. She jumped back and fell. She cautiously made her way to the fridge and bent down.
"H..huh.. who....what are you?" She stuttered.
She spotted a hand pop out from under the fridge again. And it seemed to have wanted her to come closer. Carefully she did so. 'So far, so good..' she thought.
Then when she was really close, it grabbed her and started choking her.
"Grr! YOUR the ONLY food I eat! Hehe! Just wait until your parents come home!" Then it started nibbling her arm.
"AAH! AGH! UH.. AHH-"  She yelled in pain.
Her arm flew off and blood sprayed everywhere.
Then it ferociously started eating the rest of her. But not her eyes, hair or toes.
The thing scattered the remaining parts around the whole house. 

Part two? 


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