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Short light coffee color hair 

pure peach skin twinkle brown eyes 

red long shirt and blue jeans with zebra 

colors shoes, 

you’re have a pure soul of a gentleman 

when you walk into my love life 

change the way I am today I’m so happy 

have you as my boyfriend.

Why I Love You So Much? 

I didn’t know how much you love me 

when I’m about to cry you dry my tears

comfort me I could feel your loving heart 

inside of me, 

I love this California boy 

always the generous person 

you’re in my head 

hard not to think of you. 

Could I know you love me sooner? 

Love the way you are 

don’t change anything about yourself 

in my eyes you’re handsome good looking

charming person, 

you are the one I want 

I love the way you care about me 

want to show you how much I love you

your smile so adorable. 

you’re my role model 

you are the one I look up to

I love the way you are

adore this california boy so much. 


  • cute! could work on a few things but still a nice ready

    Feb 06, 2020

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