The Deadliest Day Read Count : 14

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
I was in a group af 15, we walked slowly, our bags slowing us down. I was the gunner, I was in charge of the sub machinegun, if we were in a battle I needed to get higher ground, and gun the enemy down. The winds got harder, a helicopter flew over us, but it was from the other side, the helicopter then falls, a ball of fire coming out of the side. We go as fast as we can too the crash site. We find the helicopter, it was unsuitable, and land near the edge of a cliff, making it nearly impossible too steal the information. "Get the rope!" The general yelled. Four men dropped there bags, walking too the helicopter with rope. "Tie the rope too trees, then tie it too the helicopter." The general commanded. They did as he said. "You!" He said pointing to me. "We'll tie you too a tree, then you go inside, and find any papers you can. 

One end of the rope was tie too the tree, the other clipped too me. I got near the helicopter, and dragged all the dead bodies out before going inside. As I walk in, I'm instantly greeted with the site of down below, the idea of falling was scarier then the idea of battle. I had placed my bag just outside the helicopter, I scan the room for paper, no on the floor. 

Gun shots rang through out the sky, the enemy had arrived, my friends took there positions, and I quickly grabbed my bag. As I jerked back the helicopter jerked toward the edge, the trees, and snow looked terrifying when there a possible of falling on them from up here. I grab the sub machinegun from it, I walked to the pilot area, checking any space. I grab the paper, putting them in my bag. The helicopter begins rocking, bullets hitting the sides, I hug the floor, hearing a helicopter above. 

I see a parashot, I ran too grabbed it, feeling a bullet entering my shoulder. I look out the door, most of my friends were dead, those who weren't, were under heavy fire. I grab the trigger, and aim at the other side, standing in the middle of the door, I saw all fire from the other side halt. I then hid behind the wall, all the gunfire was focused on me, I threw my bag over the edge, I helt the helicopter jerk, leaning too the edge, I unhooked the rope. I slid down over the edge, using the parashot too save me. I quickly realized that the sub machinegun is still on the helicopter, I see it fall too me, and I see the bag in a tree while I'm still in the air. 

As soon as my feet touched the ground, I grabbed the sub machinegun, and start walking too the tree with the bag. I only took what I needed, the gun, ammo, and papers, it would take a maximum of 2 days too get tok the line. I ran with the gun on my shoulder, and the bag on my back. I kept looking up as I ran, so I could be rescued by any helicopter on my side. I ran all night, until I found a camp, all the troops were against us. 

I got my gun ready, throwing my bag in the other direction, just outside of the glow. The began looking over there, I entered the glow, shooting at them. None survived. I was so hungry, I ate all there food, and drank all there water, before getting my bag. I began walking again, soon reaching the head bunker, at 3rd base, meaning I fell 28 feet, because I was near the peak, or 1st base. It was a good thing I landed here, because the head base is in the opposite direction of the line, meaning I would of died without this small bunker.


  • Feb 06, 2020

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