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I drag my cold body through the snow of the mountain, the bag felt heavier every step I took, I heard a gunshot. With one hand I aimed my rife were I heard the shot from, the other getting the bag off my back. I saw the snow shift, I took my shot as my bag dropped. I heard a grunt from were I shot from, then another shot from the same place. I jumped, hiding behind a rock, I aim at the target; he then got up, surrendering. "Turn around, and walk too me backwards, with your hands up." He did as I said, I got up too handcuff him, went another shot was fired. I got back down too the ground, shooting the hostage. I reloaded, and shot 6 shots. My plan was too make him think I'm out of ammo, the man got up, and ran through me. He began too aim at me, I shoot him in the head. 

I check my body, looking at the ice like a mirror, I was hit in the shoulder, it was just fragments of the bullet thought. I went too my bag, and got the first aid kit. I reloaded, my rifle, and reloaded the magazines. The biggest armies are groups of 5, people mostly travel alone, the only reason were still up here is because if someone gets too the other side they can get into the country. We started this mission with 1,300 men in the mountain, we spread out, and now we don't know who's alive. I put the bag on my shoulders, being walking. 

In my bag I had everything the army thought we needed, blankets, canned food, water, ammo, and another rifle. This was clearly not all we needed, I'm almost out of food, the water nearly frozen, and I only have enough ammo for calm battles. I walked up too the hostage, he had some more food, and a magazine of bullets, but the other guy had water, blankets, food, and bullets. 

They said it would be a few day hike, they gave us enough supplies for 16 days, but because of all the battles, how heavy the supplies are, and the times I've gone the wrong way it already been 17 days. The day only lasts for 2 hours, and we have too walk in the dark, even fight in the dark. Then I saw something, it was a glow, I creeped up too it, it was a bunker. I didn't hear anyone, I camped outside of it's area, just too be sure. In the morning I went in, it was abandoned. I walked down the the hallway too the general's room, he was dead. I looked around, and found a working radio. "The war still continues... fighting on the mountain hasn't stopped, and we have no information coming from the fortline." The reporter said. My eyes fixed on a map, it showed that I was at the edge of the mountain, but there was a line of forts were I was, and I was only at the front of the line of forts. 

I took the body outside, and turned on the heater. It was warm, I found a sub machinegun, magazine for it, and all the supplies I needed for a month. I set off a flare in the opposite direction of the line, I was safe from battle, but I needed the armies forces too make that fact useful too our side. 

I began too get paranoid, what if the other side had seen it, and were coming too attack. I heard a knock on the door. I check the peephole, they were in the same uniform as the army, I opened the door, allowing them in. "I'm Jim." Jim said. "This is che, and Alexander." During the night we kept looking out for the other side, 5 more troops came, but no enemies. After much planning we decided that they would got too a city on the other side, send a message too the army telling them this, and I would prepare the bunker for more troops, so we could invade. 

As they left I began repairing the place, I found cracks in a gas chamber, likely the reason the general died. The next week I had too defend the base, from attack, after attack, but after the week the troops came too the base. The war finally ended, there were no troops on the mainland, because the mountains were our only border.


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