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Hello Writer's Outlet community. Last December I extended the app and web site and all of the associated things that go with it through December 31st 2020 despite the down year we had in 2019. I knew this was a make or break year for this app and that we needed to make some major progress in terms of content, interaction, page views, clicks and impressions. 

Due to the continued lack of support and interest in this app, I will not be extending it after this year. I am looking to sell the app but it is most likely just going to be shuttered effective Jan 1 2021. 

Anything you have on this app needs to be backed up by December 31st. I will be canceling the hosting which will restrict access to the app on both platforms and the web site. I repeat back up your files. It is not my responsibility if you forget or choose to ignore this. It will be posted as the number 1 writing until the app closes so no excuses if you don't read this.

We had a good 3 plus year run but ultimately couldn't break through. We can't compete with the larger apps and people seem content with only using the same 3-4 apps.

Goodbye Writer's Outlet community.


  • Andy Fernandy

    Andy Fernandy

    I am going to miss the community, it was a good run.

    Feb 05, 2020

  • and i was just starting too like writing for once

    Feb 05, 2020

  • Chocolate Delight

    Chocolate Delight

    Better find a good writing app, and that'll be hard.

    Feb 05, 2020

  • David McDaniel

    David McDaniel

    Anyone know another good writing app by chance then?

    Feb 05, 2020

  • Erica Renee

    Erica Renee

    I, more than anybody, know how much hard work and effort you have put into trying to make Writer's outlet a viable app. I also know you have put a lot of thought into this and have also, at times, struggled with this decision. I'm sorry that this has not worked out and been as successful as you had hoped for. You should be proud of what you created. I am

    Feb 05, 2020

  • Lamar Neal

    Lamar Neal

    Thank you for all your hard work. I loved this app, I really did. I hope my inconsistency didn't make it seem like I lacked interest. I'm going to miss this place.

    Feb 06, 2020

  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    This app has honestly changed me..I don't want to say goodbye, but in this case it seems that I will have to..Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my emotions with the people of our world, and for generally improving a huge part of my life, I will forever remember our writing community.

    Feb 07, 2020

  • Mr Anonymous

    Mr Anonymous

    R.I.P Writers Outlet And Comunnity

    Feb 09, 2020

  • Anon Name

    Anon Name

    Hey, I just wanted to share my honest opinion. I downloaded the app just today and I first tested creating a book or a story but I didn't really understand it well at first so I was instantly about to delete it. But I then looked at other people's writings and books and I was actually impressed by the layout and format. It was easy to scroll and the layout kind of gives me a nostalgic feel of the internet before. I'm sad to know that the app couldn't reach out to everyone and that it will be gone in a year's time but I will try to learn more and more within that year from the very creative writers on this app. Thank you to the creator of this app for keeping the app running and always keep your head up cause i'm sure there are a lot of people that really appreciate it. P.S The notifications are kind of annoying xd

    Feb 09, 2020

  • Jay aLLeVi8eD

    Jay ALLeVi8eD

    Thanks for the (literal) Outlet, which helped with feedback reception before publishing under my real name. And thanks for the Facebook promotion. I was not aware of this happening, so If there’s anything that can be done plz let us know.

    Feb 10, 2020

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